How many times have you asked yourself;

“Why does my business seem so hard?
Why am I struggling, when other women make it look so easy?”

I understand, because once upon a time, I was you. But that’s not where I am any more.

What changed?  I did. When I started to pay more attention to the spiritual nature of my business and trusting my intuition, remarkable things unfolded. By focusing energetically on five critical areas of my business, I began to experience rapid growth.  And so my principles of Energetic Selling and Marketing were born.

No matter how far you have come, or how far you have to go, your life and your business has more potential than you have perhaps dared to dream of. Tactics and strategies will not get you there alone; but when you take a deeper, more energetic approach you too can create extraordinary results in your business.

I want to share these powerful principles with you, as I have with many clients over the years, to show you how to integrate them into your business. I know they have the potential to transform how you approach marketing and selling, resulting in the greatest and fastest growth possible.

When you do that, my darling, there will be absolutely nothing that you won’t be able to create.

“Lenka marries business growth strategies with powerful mindset and energy work in a way that I have never experienced before. Using her principles, I tripled my multiple-six figure business in six months and went over £1,000,000”

Leigh Daniel

CEO Project Positive Change

Leigh Daniel  about Energetic Selling and Marketing book by Lenka Lutonska


Energetic Selling Bootcamp

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6-part powerful video training that will make you fall in love with sales, master the energetics of POWERFUL selling and make an EXTRAORDINARY impact on the world and your life.

Energetic Marketing Bootcamp

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This 9-part Energetic Marketing series will send returns on your marketing efforts through the roof and attracting perfect-for-you clients  effortlessly, without introducing more complicated funnels or costly marketing strategies.

Become a Money Magnet Course


Getting full control of your money and finances is key to becoming successful in business and it all starts with rewriting your beliefs surrounding money.
This powerful training is designed to help you understand exactly how to do just that!

2  Incredible Book Resources


'Activation Meditation' & 'Energetic Selling Mastery Affirmations' to help you energetically connect and activate everything you desire, receive the guidance on the 'how' and make you fall in love with every aspect of selling.

Total VALUE of these bonuses is over £1400. Because I love you :)

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Penny Power about Energetic Selling and Marketing book by Lenka Lutonska

“I speak at a huge number of conferences and I experience a vast array of speaking styles and I know how hard it is to stand out in this crowded market. However, when I heard Lenka Lutonska present at the 2018 Female Speakers Conference on the topic of selling, I was totally blown away.”

Penny Power OBE

Founder and CEO The Business Cafe

Lenka is a business and mindset strategist who works with thousands of international women entrepreneurs and changemakers. 

She inspires them to adopt new strategies, mindsets and communication techniques, which produce extraordinary results. Results which have often been nothing short of miraculous, including: women increasing their fees five times and selling with greater ease than ever before; women booking themselves solid with ideal high-end clients, turning their annual income into their monthly income; and women doubling, tripling or quadrupling their sales revenues within several months.  

Jessica Killingley about Energetic Selling and Marketing book by Lenka Lutonska

“For so many of us on our entrepreneurial journey, money is the massive elephant in the room. We build our businesses around our passions and helping others, and then when it comes to selling and marketing ourselves, we just get … stuck. There is a huge struggle in finding the balance between being of service to others and getting handsomely rewarded for our expertise. Lenka’s book is an essential read for anyone that’s desperately tried to align those parts of her business and actually fall in love with putting themselves out there, attracting their rockstar clients and earning lots of money. Like a modern-day Marianne Williamson, she lovingly guides us through the simple but incredibly powerful steps we can take to achieve extraordinary growth in our businesses. Her own story is inspirational enough, but this book is also packed with amazing stories of clients she’s worked with that will have you beating a path to her door as soon as you’ve read the last page.”

Jessica Killingley

book marketing consultant

“Having known Lenka for more than ten years I am delighted she has finally put all her advice, experiences and teachings into one book. This is aimed a female coaches but with great advice for any entrepreneur who wants to create a profitable business while serving their ideal clients. Energetic Selling is a treasure trove of useful practical tools and ideas, illustrated with examples, of how you can successfully establish and grow your business. It makes you realise that the only limitations on success are related to your attitude and mindset. By implementing the advice in this book, changing your beliefs and working on your energy, you can have a very successful business. A must read for anyone on their journey to becoming a successful coach.”

Debbie Gilbert

founder of Mums Unlimited and author of
The Successful Mumpreneur

Katya Varbanova about Energetic Selling and Marketing book by Lenka Lutonska

“I have known Lenka for more than three years and have seen her methodology develop from the ground up. What I love about Energetic Selling is how simple and yet how deep it actually is. It challenges the status quo of selling and marketing. Reading this book made me feel courageous. It made me feel like showing up for my vision doesn’t have to be in any specific way but my own way. If you are looking to become an extraordinary woman and an entrepreneur without sacrificing who you are, without losing the spark in your eyes. This book is for you. If you have been looking for a new perspective that actually incorporates energy and not only tactics, I strongly recommend this book.”

Katya Verbanova

Video Marketing Strategist and Creator of 20K Nation

“Admittedly, I'm not a woman. But I read this book non-stop cover-to-cover - and immediately started putting the principles into practice - and getting results!”

Gerry Maguire Thompson

bestselling author and #1 UK expert in teaching standup comedy
for business communication skills